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Fields and Directions

FCGB Home Game and Training Locations

All FCGB home games, unless otherwise specifically indicated, are played at the Ashwaubenon Sports Complex on the west side of Green Bay.  

FCGB training and tryouts are held at Ashwaubomay Park. The facility is centrally located for our families.
Ft Howard park is a backup training, tryout facility and East Central League game facility, that the club may use as well. Below you will find addresses and links to maps/directions.

Home Game Facilty: Ashwaubenon Sports Complex

Game Day Park Rules

Parking:  Please park in the designated parking lots/stalls reserved for Soccer attendees.

Pet Owners:  Please note that dogs are not allowed in the Park.

Trash:  Please assist us in keeping the park clean.  There are trash containers on-site that must be emptied at the end of each day of usage by the last Home team. 

Bathroom facility: is on site and generally open, parks department does close facilities for winter  - for November and early spring season games the bathrooms may be closed.

Thank you for your understanding and support of these items!

Ashwaubenon Sports Complex (Cornerstone)

Click on link for directions/map to the fields. Unless otherwise indicated, all State League and Midwest Conference League home games are played at this facility!

FC Green Bay Training and Tryout Facilities

Addresses and links to maps/direction to our training and tryout facilties are below.

Ashwaubomay Memorial River Park

Training and Tryout Facility

Ft Howard Park (Crary St, Green Bay)

When indicated on league schedule, East Central Classic League Boys U13 League games are played at this facility.